Rich economic cooperation between Montenegro and Azerbaijan

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Visit of Deputy Prime Minister Azerbaijan, is confirmation of very good relations between two countries, which have made ​​rich economic cooperation in the past, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic during meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendijevim.

“Expressing satisfaction with dynamics of relations development and the realization of the plans, the Prime Minister pointed out that the biggest investment from the region of Azerbaijan in Montenegro in Kumbor, is example of successful cross-border cooperation, which strongly supports further economic development,”as iti is said in release from the prime minister's cabinet.

Vice President Efendijev conveyed full respection of President and Prime Minister of Azerbaijan for activities which the Government of Montenegro carried out in order to improve the overall environment and create conditions for significant economic growth and development in the future.

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“Tthis experience is a good foundation for continuing of  investment cooperation between Azerbaijan and Montenegro,” said Efendijev.

Interviewees noted that two countries have common interest to expand their cooperation on many other areas of social life. In support of this commitment are projects, that are implemented with help of donations Azeri in Podgorica and Bijelo Polje.

President Vujanovic  aslo had a meeting with Efendijev..

By investment of Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR to Kumbor, will create one of the most prestigious tourist complexes in the Adriatic, said Vujanovic during meeting with Efendijev.

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