BiH: Polara invest fund under investigation for money laundering?

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The Securities Commission (SEC) launched control of portfolio management of the investment fund market investment found Polara invest on Federation‘s market, confirmed in SEC.

In this institution could not account for more details until order could not be completed.

According to unofficial information, the control is raised because of suspicion that ,through various related people, by speculative actions money is drawn-out from Polara invest funds.

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In mid-September last year Polara invest funds become owner of 9.75 percent of the shares of the Sarajevo market chain “Mercury”, which the majority owner is MIMS group of well-known family Selimovic from Sarajevo. In that purchase, according to minority shareholders, there would be no doubt that, at that time, all the accounts of “Mercury” were not blocked because of millions tax debts. Small shareholders argue that in this way from liquidity fund money is transferred to the insolvent company with the ultimate aim of drawing out capital. By this, damage is made to the fund and its shareholders.

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