Kosovo urgently to apply for telephone code

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Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic have reached agreement on energy and telecommunications, has announced Catherine Ashton after the trilateral meeting in Brussels. Under the agreement by 2015, Kosovo will itself have international phone code, but according to experts it is a long time, as in Kosovo will continue to operate without a permit operators Serbia.

Last night in Brussels was agreed between the two prime Minister issues on energy and telecommunications. While not many details are given about the deal Serbian Prime Minister, Ivica Dacic, said that Kosovo is allowed to have its own telephone code, but does not change anything for the Serbs in Kosovo and that calls from Serbia will be considered in local. He announced “Serbian operators will be able to continue working in Kosovo until 2015, when the tender would be announced”.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Petrit Selimi on Twiter praised this agreement that, according to him, brings to 40 million more budget  revenue to the Republic of Kosovo. He wrote that “Kosovo and Serbia reached agreement on telecoms. Until 01/01/2015 Kosovo will have its own code of international telephony. Local calls will be calculated at local rates. ”

However telecommunications experts do not see this as beneficial agreement. Agron Dida telecommunications expert told that still remains the same situation. “In Kosovo will continue to work Serbian mobile operators without permission and without paying taxes. They will continue to have local prices now, so if Kosovo citizen uses Telekom Serbia, will have Serbian number, so it will have local communication with Serbia, which fall just north interest, “said Dida.

While not applying international dialing code to Kosovo, according to Dida is a result of preliminary agreements that Kosovo has made international operators.

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