Serbia receives a fourth mobile operator

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SBB ( Serbian cable network ) becomes a ” virtual” mobile operator , which means that will use of a network of three existing mobile operators – Telecom , Telenor and VIP will get an additional competition .Serbia will soon have a fourth mobile operator and it will be the company (SBB Serbian cable network ) . It is a virtual telephony , which means that this house is to use the network of Telekom , Telenor and VIP, transfers policy .

Telekom , Telenor and VIP will receive additional competition , and this was confirmed in Ratel ( Republic Agency for Electronic Communications ) and the SBB . As they say in Ratel , SBB has received approval to begin and provide the service, but did not explain how he was assigned to the classic mobile license , but permission to be ‘ virtual ‘ operators of public telephone services.

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” This means that the SBB network using one of the three mobile operators, according to the contract to be concluded with him ..

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