Imlek: Profit surged as much as 60%

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The biggest Serbian dairy group Imlek announced consolidated results for the first six months of the year during which it recorded a significant increase of realization and profit.

The aforementioned financial statements consolidate the results made of the parent company and subsidiaries: Imlek Boca, IMB Bitola Dairy, East Milk, Banja Luka dairy, Mlijekoprodukt, Balkan Dutch Dairy Products BV and Croatian dairy Sinj.

Consolidated operating income of Imlek increased in the period January-June compared to  last year's 13.4 billion to 18.8 billion. Consolidated operating profit jumped 60 percent to 2.4 billion, while the net profit reached enormous 1.8 billion.

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Imlek ended today's trading at a level of 2,810 dinars equivalent to a market capitalization of $ 22.6 billion (198.2 million euros).

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