SLO: The NLB in the first wave to fire 228 employees

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In the New Ljubljana Bank (NLB) in the first phase of a comprehensive transformation of banks are planning to reduce the number of employees for  228, announced today from the bank. Administration last week in this regard has already taken the appropriate decision about it, they were already informed all employees of the Bank.

The program of redundancies covered jobs in most parts of the structure of the bank. Two-thirds of the total number of 228 to represent soft departures, such as retirement and natural variations, and one third of the actual termination of employment contracts, announced today from the largest Slovenian bank.

The Bank shall ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with the Law on Employment and sectoral collective agreements in the banking and corporate collective agreement NLB.

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The Bank has informed about the decision both trade unions in NLB, followed by consultations with the trade unions and the adoption of a program of redundancies. This bank will also provide employment services. Emphasis will be placed on the social program that would allow active involvement of redundancies in the process of finding a new job.

To take a decision and the related program of redundancies represent the first wave of staff cuts, which will be followed by two more planned. Until the beginning of 2015, the bank will have more than 20 percent fewer employees than at the end of 2012. At that time, the Bank had 3,572 employees at the end of July this year, the 3541.

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