Montenegro on 67 place in competitiveness report

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The World Economic Forum released the latest results of the Global Competitiveness Report , stating that compared to last year Montenegro progressed five places .

According to this year's report, Montenegro was at the 67th position which is five places   better compared to 2012th , when occupied 72 position.

At the top of the global list , and this year as last  is Switzerland . It is followed by Singapore , Finland, Germany , USA , Sweden, Hong Kong , Netherlands , Japan and the United Kingdom.

Findings of the report are based on publicly available statistical indicators, as well as the perceptual data obtained through public opinion  of company directors . The report is important because it is the leading financial institutions and investors consider very relevant .

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Top five member states of the European Union on the list are: Finland ( the 3rd ) , Germany ( on the 4th place ) , Sweden ( the 6th ) , the Netherlands ( the 8th ) and the United Kingdom ( 10 in the global scale competitiveness ) .

Croatia is on the scale of the last five in the EU. To 63 the scale is Hungary , on the 75th Croatia is a place on the site below is Romania , Slovakia on 78 place in the rankings , and Greece at 91

The countries of the region , Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked 87th place , Albania 95 and Serbia 101

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