Mobile banking in Serbia is still in its infancy

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More than half of the payment order in Serbia is carried out electronically, but only 50,000 people use “applications for mobile banking ,” said today in Belgrade CEO of  Board software company Aseko SEE ( ASEC SEE), where he announced a set of ” new vision of banking .”

Miodrag Mirčetić told reporters that the number of electronic payment orders in Serbia in four years increased by 45 percent and hopes to further growth.

In Serbia the “smart ” mobile phones that allow the use of ” mobile banking ” have 13.3 percent of the users, and 50,000 used the service, two years since the introduction of it in the domestic market.

In Serbia, for now ” electronic and mobile banking ” is mainly used for basic services – paying bills and for insight into the account.

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The main obstacle to the spread of this type of banking services is the law in Serbia , said Mirčetić and pointed to the regulation of the opening and closing of accounts in 1983. year, requiring that customers have to do it in person at the bank

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