Loss of the Clinical Center of Banja Luka 15 million KM

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Clinical Center of Banja Luka for the first 6 months of the 2013th has  increased the loss to 15 million KM. Although the Clinical Center initially praised that has save 1.4 million KM ,the deficit compared to the same period last year is actually higher by 3.5 million KM. Maybe it would not be surprising if  the Clinical Centre in relation to the 2012th year did not reduce the workload . The new management of the Clinical Center  has sad that the increase in  loss is caused by  overdue obligations to the workers and the obligations arising from the depreciation for the purchase of medical equipment in the previous period .

The first man of KC Banja Luka Dusko Račić assures that the monthly obligations towards the workers in amount of 2 million KM, which Clinical Center is not able to pay . The negotiations with the Ministry of Health and Finance , Health Insurance Fund and Tax Authorities are ongoing.

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He claims that the weekly installment of the Fund to the Clinical Center of 200.000 KM is insufficient, because daily  expenses cost 300,000 KM. New management says that he also managed to reduce its debts to suppliers.

– At this moment, the debt to suppliers is 38 million KM, KM 3 million lower compared to the situations we have succeed and for 7 million KM lower in relation to the maximums of our debt , which was 64 million KM..

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