CRO: Huge debt rate comes for following issuance of bonds

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Although the  agency Fitch collapsed its rating to the status  “rubbish“, Croatia could soon issue dollar bonds  to uste the good mood of the investors prompted by the US FED.

Croatia is facing two billion euros  debt maturing in April next year, and the government hopes that the country could benefit after the decision of the US FED on encouraging purchases of bonds.

Croati a is expected to issue bound in the amount of one to 1.5 billion dollars to the end of the year.

Since a large debt rate matures in April, maybe it could wait to early next year  but it is possible that market could not be so generous as it is now-according to economists.

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Borrowing cost for the ten-year bonds which at the beginning  of the month fell  below six percent , increased again.However given the disastrous economic situation inCroatia , some economist believe that now is a good time for new eurobonds.The government can not come empty-handed  in front of investors ,it has to demonstrate clearly commitment to fiscal reform, guidelines .

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