Technical staff wanted at the Macedonian labor market

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Technical professionals , from operators to engineers  are currently definitely among the top three most wanted in the country. Experts on the Macedonian labor market confirms that the arrival of foreign investors in recent years has dramatically changed the demand of personnel in the country.

According to Igor Čekarova from the Agency DEKRA , the situation in Macedonia is the result of increasing the current capacity for industrial production in the economy.

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Darko Velkov from the ” Employment ” confirms that in the last period in Macedonia were the most sought after IT professionals , technical personnel such as civil and electrical engineers , as well as the quality and certified accountants . At mid- term progress he expects great demand in two areas : first, crafts and more high-specification technical occupations will be required, and other IT- profiles such as developers, programmers, designers , and web applications will be priced because it is known that globally there are more than 10 million developers

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