BiH: Exports declined by 15.3 percent

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In August 2013th FBiH generated exports worth 415 171 000 KM ( 212.2 million euros) , which is 15.3 percent less than in the previous month .

The value of imports was 833,457,000 km ( 426.1 million euros ), a decrease of 3.3 percent compared to July 2013 , so that the trade deficit of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2013th amounted to 418,285,000 km ( 213.8 million euros) , the data of the Federal Statistical Office. The percentage of coverage of imports by exports in the Federation in August was 49.8 percent , a decrease of seven percent compared to July 2013th.

In August, the Federation mostly exported to Germany , in amount of 85.727 million km ( 43.8 million euros) and Croatia , worth 58.401 million km ( 29.8 million euros). Also, most are imported from Croatian -167.56 million ( 85.6 million ) and Germany , worth 109.431 million ( 55.9 million euros).

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The participation of the Federation in the total exports of Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2013th was 65.9 , and the total imports in the month was 65.3 percent.

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