INA owes to Government 140 million kuna of tax

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Tax administration in control procedures identified that there are problems with large companies , and unofficial sources stated that the supervision havefound that INA owed ​​about 140 million of unpaid taxes from previous years but Ina complained that the proceedings are pending .

Ine on request for a tax inspection  confirmed that the Tax Administration in July issued a decision on the supervision of corporate income tax and VAT for the 2008th and 2009th year .

The overlooked legal term given to the appeal to the relevant tax office solutions for large taxpayers, the Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance , which challenged states tax authorities . The process is ongoing , according to the INA that says that properly fulfill their obligations to the state.

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Unofficial sources claim that Ina submitted appeal in late August , and sources on both sides saying that it is not about tax evasion but a different accounting treatment of taxes, from which the origin of the difference of about 140 million. Until that is the difference in the amount of taxes , due to the difference between the INA and taxpayers regarding the tax calculation in refinery technology production.

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