Income from tourism in Montenegro more than 700 million euros

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Income from tourism in Montenegro this year will exceed 700 million euros , which means that the tourist season will be successful and the more successful than 2008. years , said the president of the Montenegrin tourist association Zarko Radulovic .

For now , though still not the end of the season , one can say that the Montenegro generated more revenue from tourism than last year, he said.

He said it was very important that from May to late July achieved 61 million euros more revenue from collected tax, compared to the same period last year .

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Radulovic said that postseason will be good as it was preseason . September will be on par with July and August , according to the announcement and visit in October will be a good – expected Radulovic . , Adding that the majority of hotels in Budva , especially those high-class , recorded excellent occupancy at the beginning of September , given that they currently reside about 13 thousand tourists , mostly foreigners.

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