BiH: Pension Invalidity Insurance Fund to sell 11 of its facilities

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Pension Invalidity Insurance Fund of FBiH, which for a long time is in financial difficulties, decided to sell his eleven facilities in several cities in order to stabilize the condition of the Institute.

Just  in this year the Fund  had deficit of about 30 million KM, which negatively affects the payment of pensions. In doing so, in recent months, and the money used to pay pension is one due of the current month, the Fund announced. In order to alleviate at least some financial crisis, the Fund has decided to sell its 11 buildings, and is awaiting the decision of the federal government.

One of the facilities that they intend to put in a bid is a former Retirement Home in Mostar, today's hotel “Ero”which  value is estimated at 26 million KM.

It should be noted that, if it comes to selling them, the influx of money will not cause an increase in the coefficient of pensions.

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